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Sunday 8/9 - Friday 8/14

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

These past couple of months, I've been the busiest I've ever been. I'm working on a remote team with a few start-ups. I'm also creating my own passion projects to get better. I realize that no one would ever know what I do if they just looked at my portfolio. Hence the idea for this blog, that I'll update every Friday.

Sunday 8/9

I worked on my design post for Monday on Fatigue. We were revising a previous piece we've done for Pixel Perfect this week as a part of Revision Week and I felt like I could make a better version of the word Fatigue.

Step 1 - make a lot of dots.

Step 2 - Make an abstract design behind the dots

Step 3 - Color the dots in with the abstract art.

Step 4 - Go back to step 1 by making every dot black and then deleting the dots that spell FATIGUE

Step 5 - Make the dots white and apply the grain effect to the background.

Monday 8/10

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

  • Had a meeting with Andy about Pixel Perfect Studio. We talked about long and short term goals. We're going to revamp the website and maybe work on a brand style guide

  • Speaking of brand, I'm leading Brand Workshop on Wednesday for a social media app that I'm a part of a remote team. So I was preparing for that.

Stuff I Can Share

This Website!!

I decided to revise my website and realized that I could make a few changes. I came up with this idea for a blog after I started documenting it. But just know that it looked different. Mainly the logo up top and the timeline is updated. I did have buttons for UX/UI, Graphic Design and Artwork. I also added pages for Pixel Perfect and Germ Network, but those aren't ready yet.

I do have this note:

Just from looking at this note, there is more work to be done. I'm going to work on the About page tomorrow.

Tuesday 8/11

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

  • I recorded an episode of Lace Em Up

  • I put the final touches of the brand workshop. I'm excited, especially the brand purpose exercise that's about if our brand was a superhero.

Stuff I Can Share

Pixel Perfect - Quarantine Talk 17

Pixel Perfect Design #100 - Passion

This is Pixel Perfect's 100th design! and because this is Revision week. I had to choose the word Passion, a word I've already done. Pixel Perfect has 100 designs because both Andy and I are passionate about design and the process.

Step 1) First had to find the type face that

Step 2) add color and make a red shadow.

Step 3) Center Passion some more and add confetti in the background

Final Design: Work on the word Passion in Photoshop.

Wednesday 8/12

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Brand workshop was today that I led for a social media app. Which was fun. We went over the brand purpose, brand values and brand vision to come up with our mission statement.

I have a huge appreciation for teachers out there. I mean I already did but these people have to lead a class every day. I only led a workshop for 2 hours and it was for 6 people.

That was my main focus for the day. So I didn't do any work that I can share.

Thursday 8/13

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

Had a meeting with a future start-up. Signed an NDA so can't talk about it yet.

Prepped for Design Workshop on Saturday.

Stuff I Can Share

Website update

Usually on Tuesdays I apply to jobs, but I realized if I wasn't happy with my portfolio, how do I expect anyone else to?

So I changed a couple of things:

Old NavBar:

New NavBar:

I realized I can move the contact page into the about page. I initially thought that I could combine UX, Graphic and Artwork all together but it wasn't working the way I wanted.

Also, changed some things about the About page.

Old Version:

(Imagine there is an instagram feed under this)

New Version

I still have some work to do but I think making it simple and straight forward is the way to go.

Friday 8/14

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

I had a meeting with Andy about the Pixel Perfect Podcast and we recorded.

The rest of the time was preparing for this design workshop on Saturday.

Stuff I Can Share

I had a meeting with Carl Lawson, a person who is in the UX community via LunchClub.

Since this week, I had two workshops to prepare for, I didn't have time to work on my Webflow project or anything else.

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