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Saturday 8/29 - Friday 9/4

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Kind of a big week. Our first episode with a guest on Pixel Perfect was published and has done really well thanks to Keith. I'm also working on user flows and wireframes for this start-up. Unfortunately, I can't share any of that but it did get me thinking about do UX designers use their user flows first or do they wireframe first? I'm going to ask this question to a bunch of people. I also started another project, which I'll explain in a bit.

Saturday 8/29

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

Stuff I Can Share

I worked on King for Pixel Perfect IG. I was so moved by the passing of Chadwick Boseman that I had to honor him in some way. Just the fact that he was in treatment for colon cancer while he was playing a very physical role in Black Panther just made him an actual superhuman and devoted his life to furthering the black movement not just someone who plays one on screen. It's just more inspirational than he already was.

I tried to play off of the necklace that t'challa had in the movie.

I also created this but didn't post it on the Pixel Perfect IG. I initially wanted some of the letters to be spaced out but I realized that didn't look like a necklace.

Sunday 8/30

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Editing Keith's episode some more.

- Also editing our next guest interviews which took a lot longer than I thought.

Stuff I Can Share

Iterations IG

This is probably the earliest I've been to design a word. But I felt like I need to make room for the coming weeks.

This started out like it would be a way to critique myself. But then it turned into a logo idea.

Monday 8/31

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- A potential client called to have a chat on what she wants on this website.

- I had a meeting with Andy about Pixel Perfect Studio. We're debating on what color we could use.

- Userflows for this social networking start-up.

Stuff I Can Share

Hockey App

I talked to few fantasy hockey fans who happen to be developers. But it turns out they are more knowledgable on websites. It was interesting because I'm more in the front end side of things and they were more on the back-end. So maybe eventually it'll be an app.I'm going to change it to a website to make things easier for them.

Anyways here's a screen I designed so It's not completely wasted.

Tuesday 9/1

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Got sad about the Bruins losing

- Userflows for this social networking start-up and worked on their logo.

Stuff I Can Share

Keith Kitz episode is out!!

Wednesday 9/2

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Call with my GA Coach

- Working on logo and meeting for Social Media Startup.

- Contacted some more guests to be on the podcast

Stuff I Can Share

Thursday 9/3

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Editing a guest podcast

- Contacted one more guest to be on the podcast

- Working on wireframes for Social Media Startup

Stuff I Can Share

Friday 9/4

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Meeting with Pixel Perfect

- Meeting with Social Media Startup and show my the wireframes

- Gave critique for a website and have another client

Stuff I Can Share

Mona's Dance Studio

So my clients sketched this:

Then I illustrated it

I'm not sure if the colors are right and there might be too much going on. So it may change. But I do like how it turned out.

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