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Saturday 8/22 - Friday 8/28

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

So after thinking about it. I realize I didn't do a ton of designs that I could show this week. But I also need my personal time for mental health reasons. So I'm going to put into place a rule called "The 4 Design" rule, where you guessed it, I'm going to post as much as I can on the blog, but there is a minimum of 4 designs that I can show every week. I'm going to strive for 6 different projects, but 4 at the very least.

Saturday 8/22

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Did some sketches and logo work on the social networking startup I'm a part of.

Stuff I Can Share

I worked on AfterEffects. Was a little rusty. But I figured it out. If you remember this was a design I did last week for Pixel Perfect. I wanted to create a motion graphic to break the cycle. It seemed to work but I can't seem to post it on Instagram.


Speaking of Pixel Perfect, I designed this piece for Monday. Pixel Perfect is about to have guest episodes every Tuesday in September. So that means this will be the first week, that we are going to be posting on instagram without having a podcast explaining our process on a podcast. But we're still going to continue posting 4 times per week. Consistency is going to be something we have to keep in mind.

How I started out

Felt like that was too boring. Even though it is still consistent. So I added white lines.

Sunday 8/23

Nothing design-related. Needed a mental day off. It's always important to give yourself days off even if you have a lot of stuff to do. Don't want to burn out.

Go Bruins! and Luka Doncic is my new favorite player (sorry Steph Curry)

Monday 8/24

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Meeting with Andy about merchandise and what kind of designs we are planning on designing.

- Logo work for the Social Networking App

Stuff I Can Share

Mona's Dance Academy

This is a freelance project from someone on Thumbtack. She wanted to use this image and include the bells and her fingers with the title called "Mona's Dance Academy"

However, I wanted this to be more related to dance if it is what I think it is. So I offered this logo instead as well as the above picture. I found this image on Unsplash. I'm still waiting back to hear from her.

Tuesday 8/25

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Working on the logo for this social networking app

- and editing the wireframes

Stuff I Can Share

Pixel Perfect Episode

Relax for Pixel Perfect IG

I've been working on bubble letters for my other logo and wanted to include it through my Instagram project.

Here is where I add the bubbles

Then I added the background colors

Wednesday 8/26

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Had a meeting for the social networking app

- Had a talk with networking person via LunchClub

- Talked to someone about editing their website through Thumbtack

Stuff I Can Share

Mona's Dance Academy

So I found out that this dance academy is for a Indian dance called "Kathak" So, she liked the image with the bells but wanted variations for where the text should be. I'm going to send some text variations but I'm also going to send some additional images now that I know what kind of dance it is.

I personally don't mind this last one but also found an image on google and wanted to get that dance in the logo. So I made this illustration:

We'll see what she says.

Thursday 8/27

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Met with someone via Lunchclub

- Watched Skillshare class on Webflow and I also started my next Webflow project

- Update the phone layout on this site. I looked at it on my phone and realized it sucked.

Stuff I Can Share

I sent this out on a fantasy hockey facebook group that I belong to. I am working on an app that is focused on fantasy hockey users.

But as I was working on the wireframes, I remembered "I am not my user" which is a big slogan from General Assembly. Although, I could probably get away without doing user research as I am a fantasy hockey nerd myself and I have a pretty good sense of what people want. I have to get opinions from other people on what they would like to see and not just designing for myself. Otherwise, I'd just be the only person possibly using this. So, I may be proven right or I may be proven wrong on this hypothesis but I have to put myself out there.

After 3 hours, I ended up with a couple of responses of people being excited or asking questions. I did respond to each comment.

Friday 8/28

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Had a meeting with Andy about the podcast.

- Preparing for our guest interview on Saturday and promoting our first guest episode for Tuesday.

- Had a meeting with GN about improving the wireframes.

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