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Saturday 9/19 - Friday 9/25

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

And I'm back.

I was away from the house for a week as I was in Cape Cod. I purposefully made sure I'd do no designing. I still recorded a podcast for Pixel Perfect because we had a guest interview and I had an impromted job interview but other than that I did the bare minimum of work. Even though I could have blogged the week before I went for a break however by Wednesday, I was just mentally out of it. It's strange getting back into things but I'm happy I took a much needed break from things. I hadn't taken a vacation since August of 2019,!

Having said that, I realize I didn't do a ton of design this week. Mostly because there was Startup Week and I wanted to view their Zoom panels. But next week, I'll have a lot more designs/sketches to show.

Saturday 9/19

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Worked on The Wicked Taco website. But it's not at a place to publicize at the moment.

Stuff I Can Share


So the Pixel Perfect instagram is going to have a different schedule and we're eventually going to move it to just designs. We felt it limits us when we're creating designs. However, I didn't know that at the time and created this word design for Fall since when I'll post it's going to be 9/21.

These were the 3 leaves I used to create this design.

Sunday 9/20

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

Stuff I Can Share

HiFi Wireframes

So that interview I was talking about wanted to give me an assessment test to make sure I knew what I was doing. They gave me lofi wireframes and gave me two days to create it. I didn't want to do it over my vacation but I did it this weekend. There were three screens they wanted me to design to hi-fi. Two of them they already planned out. I had to design the last screen on my own. Since this is still an Interview, I don't want to share everything but I'll share the first two screens that were based off of the low-fi wireframes.

So they wanted me to design the My Plan screen.

Monday 9/21

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Startup Week Boston was this week. I went to the Building a Community for Your Startup and Your City, Your Resource: What's Available to the Startup Community in Boston? panel

- I had a meeting with Andy about Pixel Perfect and caught up. I have to think about what Pixel Perfect will be in a couple of weeks.

Stuff I Can Share


So I have been told that this NHL app would work better as a website because there is a more simple language for that. So I made sketches for it to be on the website. Next step would be to put it on XD. Maybe I'll put it on Webflow or Wix before it's implemented?

Tuesday 9/22

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- As mentioned Startup Week Boston was this week. I went to the Move Fast Without Breaking Things: How to Pivot Successfully panel.

Stuff I Can Share

Kristen Mallia

Wednesday 9/23

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Meeting for GN

- Attended "Ready for Startup Life? What to Look for When Joining a Company"

Thursday 9/24

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- I edited the quest episode for next week

- I attended a virtual job fair which was interesting. Got a fair amount of leads and LinkedIn connections

- I wrote out my thoughts on Pixel Perfect's future in anticipation for our talk on Monday.

Friday 9/25

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Working on the Wicked Taco website

- Sketch some more (I'll show this next week)


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