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Saturday 8/15 - Friday 8/21

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

These past couple of months, I've been the busiest I've ever been. I'm working on a remote team with a few start-ups. I'm also creating my own passion projects to get better. I realize that no one would ever know what I do if they just looked at my portfolio. Hence the idea for this blog, that I'll update every Friday. This is the first blog that's starting on a Saturday, which should be the normal day.

Saturday 8/15

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

I led my second workshop in a week! This time it was much more relaxing and a subject matter I'm much more familiar with in design. I talked about color and design principles. Then we each had about 30ish minutes coming up with a logo for this brand. I'm excited!

This was the only thing I did today. It was nice to relax afterwards.

Sunday 8/16

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

Sketching wireframes for Pixel Perfect's new site

Stuff I Can Share

Process for the Cycle design

It started with a sketch

Then I put it on the computer

Then I added a few lines to make it more clear.

Added some color

Then I thought the design would stand out with a black background and I was right.

Monday 8/17

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

-Had a meeting with Andy about selling merch for Pixel Perfect Studio

- Had a user interview

Stuff I Can Share

Webflow - Prompt

Since June, I've been working on this project that is about getting people to create a design, music or a short story based on a word that is prompted to you. It's called Prompt. This could become a real thing one day. But I'm using it to use Webflow and Adobe XD.

Webflow is a fun program to use but I'm in that learning curve stage and I'm trying to self-teach myself which isn't an easy task.

Here's what it looks a couple of pages on XD if you don't want to click the link:

Home Page



Now this is what it looks like on Webflow

Here's the same screens on Webflow

Home Page

Submission page


Designing on XD took me a day and Webflow took me 2 and a half months. But all things considered, it looks pretty good.

If I were to take this project further I'd have to pay, so I'll consider that. But for now I'm at a good stopping point with WebFlow. I'm thinking of new Webflow projects I can take on with XD.

Tuesday 8/18

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Had an interview for Pixel Perfect

- Applying to different jobs and signing up to Adobe Max and Startup Week in September and October

Stuff I Can Share

Pixel Perfect - Quarantine Talk 18

Democracy for Pixel Perfect IG

This design was a two parter. One was for the background and one was for the type.

Here's the type evolution:

Then comes the background: I started off with stars with the Red, White and Blue pattern.

Then I wanted to combine each star together to show that each star is similar to each other.

Here's the final version:

Wednesday 8/19

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Networked with designers who are in Boston or about to be in Boston on Discord

- Had a meeting for this social networking meeting.

- Created a survey to get users to interview

- Wrote a disclaimer message for Pixel Perfect

- Made some tiny Webflow edits and sent messages out to get feedback.

Thursday 8/20

Stuff I Can't Share Yet

- Had another meeting and got feedback on the wireframes I was working on for the social networking app

- did a user interview for this social networking app

-Attended General Assembly's

- Applied to Disney's UX research role, which turned out didn't work. (Note to any company, it doesn't matter how good your brand is, if you have bad UI in your application process, it shows how much your company cares about UX)

Stuff I Can Share

Blast Vegas

This is for my friend's brother band. My friend is making a website for him and wanted me to create the logo. I'm giving my friend three options and he'll pick one of them. Honestly, I love all of them. Colors and type might change but the concepts will be the same.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Friday 8/21

Stuff I can't share yet

- Signed an NDA with a company. doing general UX work for them.

- Recorded Pixel Perfect podcast

- Had a 1:1 meeting via LunchClub

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