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Produce Joy In The World

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

So this idea came to me about a couple of weeks ago when I was watching this youtube video shared. I've been a long time fan of the Green brothers and their videos always keep me fascinated. John Green was quoting something that Hank Green wrote in his book.

"You will always struggle with not feeling productive until you accept that your own joy can be something you produce. It is not only the thing you make, nor should it be, but it is something valuable and beautiful."

This got me to thinking that when I create, whether if it's for UX/UI or for graphic dersign, I'm doing it for my own enjoyment. I think that's something that a lot of creatives feel. Yes, it's our career and our job but it's also a passion that is within us every day. In turn, by producing joy, you can give that emotion to another person. In the broadest sense, that's what art really is all about.

I now want that to be my purpose in the world. From now on, whatever I create, I will serve to produce joy in other people.

The Process

So initially I wanted to create a piece that has interesting text to it.

But it didn't look right when I put it on the computer.

So I started to mess around on Photoshop, where I found this filter that breaks the text apart while still keeping the image intact. It kind of reminds me of sprinkles on donuts. Then all of a sudden I was making a design that was related to donuts. I think that works because donuts are really made for the enjoyment.

So as I was playing around with colors, I liked the look of pixelating the words a bit.

But then it became so hard to read. Which is why I changed it. I also added a brown text layer so it's legible. Now, it definitely looks like donuts.

The Final

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