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Creative By Nature

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

So Adobe Max conferences were a couple of weeks ago and there were a lot of interesting sessions. The one sessions that I enjoyed the most was this talk by Anthony James called "Creativity Isn't a Talent -- It's a Skill You Can Learn." In this talk, he mentions how humans are not born with creative. It is a skill that can be learned. He used his own drawing ability as an example of this. He found that when he started drawing, he was bad in certain areas but instead of giving up, he would continue to draw and continue to focus on what he needs to improve on. It was how he learned.

This talk reminded me of one of my common beliefs that being creative isn't some magical thing. Everyone can learn to be artistic. It just takes time and practice. I once had a client tell me to "make it more creative" as a feedback. Which is an interesting critique because it's really just saying to be more imaginative. We all are creative, it's just some of us have trained to be more creative.

Here is the talk that you can watch if you have an Adobe account.

Anyways, Anthony mentions being "Creative by Nature" and I thought that was a good phrase to use for this message. I felt that I wanted an illustrated look that wasn't exactly "perfect" for my type. So as you'll see in my sketches, I really was focusing on what's the most unique way of writing this phrase to make my message stronger.

Here are more sketches.

As you can see, I tried different techniques to come up with it. But I chose the one that I think worked the best. As for the background, I didn't want it to be a solid color, so I made a pattern. For some reason, my mind has already decided on yellow being the text color from the beginning. I think it's because yellow is a very striking color.

A part of the reason this took so long was I couldn't decide on the color scheme. However, I feel like green, navy blue and yellow are a good combination. I might eventually come back to this and create more "Creative By Nature" designs as it could prove my point even further.

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