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100 Gallons

Ad campaign about water consumption


Ad Campaign


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign



2 Months


School Project


To create an ad campaign for a fact about water consumption. The deliverables were a full-page newspaper ad and a billboard. We also required to incorporate physical materials in a part of the ad campaign.

Design Process

I found on the USGS website, that "on average, people use 100 gallons of water every day." I thought that this was an interesting fact that more people should be aware of.

The bigger challenge was conveying how much 100 gallons of water is in a visual way. So, I had thought of photographing a group of water bottles together and then in Photoshop, I'd use the burn tool on a few bottles that would represent 100. Now of course, one bottled water doesn't equal one gallon of water. But this still got my point across more than cartons of water were used.

ad 0.jpg
100 Plain.png

However, when I did this technique, everyone I showed this to couldn't see that it spelled "100". So I was about to scrap the idea but I decided to text it to my brothers as a last resort.

That's when a happy accident occurred! I have no idea how it happened. But when I sent this to my brothers, the picture came out inverted. Not only was the "100" now legible, but it also got the dark and urgent tone that I was going for.


Newspaper Ad

Once I had the 100, my next step was to layout the content. I added the full fact and then at the bottom, I added the USGS logo and explained some actions humans can take to lower their water usage.


I finally got to use cartons of water for the billboard. The calls-to-actions are also bigger but I figured the drivers can understand the gist if they were to look and there is enough details that walkers can get interested by. 

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