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Sunshine Cafe - Logo

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

New Version

Old Version

About a month ago, I had a cholesterol check and it turned out I had a lot of trigylcerides in my body, basically sugar. I've concluded this is because I've been eating and drinking unhealthily. There are numerous factors like I have been sitting down in a chair at home for most of the year. I also had a sesame bagel with peanut butter from March until the end of September. But the biggest factor in my high sugar intake was coffee.

When I looked into it, it didn't matter whether it was from Starbucks, Dunkin or my personal favorite, Caffe Nero. They all put a lot of sugar in your drinks even for normal drinks. Now, I get that some people do love lots of sugar and fatty milk in their coffee. To their credit, Starbucks and Caffe Nero have nutrition facts on all of their coffee in their app and all three apps do allow you to specify what milk to use. But they don't make it easy.

This was when I decided I'm going to "create my own cafe" where the emphasis is on health. We're going to give each customer an opportunity to look at our nutrition facts before they buy it and give them healthy choices on how they want their coffee. As a graphic designer and UX/UI designer, I can work on the logo, as well as the app and the website. I haven't decided yet but I might create promotional ads for this brand as well. Regardless, everything in this project will be created by me.

I came up with the name Sunshine Cafe because it was the first name that popped into my head but also people drink coffee to wake them up in the morning. It's a good energy boost to the day. Sunshine literally gives us energy every day and symbolizes the daytime when lots of people drink coffee.


This means that yellow had to be a part of the logo. I also felt like orange and red should be a part of the color scheme. However, the thing with the color yellow is that it's hard to read but it can be done right if you contrast it.


This sketch helped me realize that particular yellow could work and I also liked the S's that I made and it helped me with finding a typeface that would work.

I experimented with the idea of bringing a sun into it and as you can see it didn't work out.

I even had a very simple logo.

I also played around with the sunset gradient and I might use it if the logo I have now doesn't work.

Lastly, I remembered a couple of months ago when I was designing a logo for Blast Vegas, use an outline of a word but it looks almost 3-D like. I tried it for this project and I think it looks good.

Gif version:


After getting feedback from people, from the website I made, there were some people who felt I could do better. and so I did

I like this one because it's bright and in your face but it also has representation with the sun.

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