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Content Tracker

In terms of leisure time, there is nothing I love more than watching YouTube videos or listening to podcasts. Now most of the time, I'm watching sports or a tv show, but on the weekends is when I can catch up on podcasts and YouTube videos. I do consume both podcasts and youtube throughout the week of course, but the weekend is really when I catch up.

In turn, I've created a spreadsheet where I can input the videos and episodes I have to watch. I've also added percentages and totaled up the sum and average for the content I want to consume. I get excited when I see the percentages go up and I thought I'd make it into an app.


Here is what the spreadsheet looks like:

If you've noticed, I don't have a tab for podcasts and that's because that was partially my inspiration. I listen to my podcasts on the app PocketCast and my favorite feature of theirs is they allow users to add episodes to a queue and tell you how much time you have in the queue. It can be stressful if it's a high number but it's also a good gauge for me to see what I'm dealing with.

Content Tracker

This video takes you through the steps of adding a youtube video to the queue and what you can do once you've watched a video. You can see the total amount of hours and the average of what you have left. Also, I realize you could theoretically get rid of these each video once you've watched it or podcasts. But then realize that would defeat the purpose of a progress bar. So, I added a delete button and a clear button, in case you want to get rid of these.

When I was designing this on Figma, I didn't want anything too fancy and I just wanted a simple design with not many colors. I liked the idea of having tabs at the bottom, so you could go from youtube to podcasts to your stats pretty easily.

If I were to continue with this, I'd work on more account features. Maybe have it sync with PocketCast or YouTube. Or have there be a way to see the total amount of hours a user spent watching videos and/or listening to podcasts in a given time period.

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