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Birthday Tracker

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

This is the first UX project on the blog!!!

My birthday was two weeks ago and although I did have a good time, the problem was that I had to tell people it was my birthday. It gets awkward because you're basically forcing your friends to say Happy Birthday to you when you know that people only know your birthday through Facebook or LinkedIn and with fewer people using Facebook now, it's harder to know when it's your friend's birthday.

So I decided to create an app that's sole purpose is to remind the user of everybody's birthday in their circle. Just so they can email Happy Birthday to them once a year.

I'll take you through the screens but here is the XD link

Login Screen

It starts off with an option to Log-In or to Create an Account. Log-In takes you into the app. The Create an Accounts starts you off into a check-list of sorts.

To Do List

So there are three steps on the To Do List. First step is "Fill In Your Information", which allows the user to enter your name, birthday and password. Second step is "Import Contacts" which is where the user has to allow access to email contacts, Facebook and linkedin. Facebook and LinkedIn both have birthdays for all users. All the people who have an account on Birthday Tracker are automatically added. The third step is "Invite Your Friends" which ask users to invite people who aren't on the app to the app.

This Week

The primary way of tracking is seeing how many birthdays you have to wish someone a Happy Birthday weekly. Every week, it'll give the user an opportunity to email your friends when it is their birthday. You can personalize it how you want. But the standard will always be "Happy Birthday, [first name]"

This Month / All The Birthdays

The second view on this app is viewed by monthly. This just gives the user the calendar and users can see how many birthdays there are in a week. In case, there is more than one birthday in a day, There is a notification bubble that you can click to see how many people have those birthdays. The third view is call the "All The Birthdays" view. This view just gives you a look at all the user's contacts and when their birthday is.

Lastly, I should address the elephant in the room which is, why did I choose only Orange and White as the color scheme? The answer is that every season, the primary color changes. Orange is fitting for fall as it's the color of the leaves as they fall and pumpkins for Halloween.

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