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I love Boston and one of the reasons I love Boston is that I can get to anywhere I want either by walking and/or taking the public transit system (also known as the T).

However, every now and then I've been asked by tourists when I'm walking on where a landmark is or where they get confused on where they are currently. Whenever I'm in a different city, I often feel the same way so I get where they are coming from. I could also see with the T doesn't make sense for someone who isn't used to it. So, I decided to design an app that is centered on the green line stations and allows users to view attractions all in one place.

I decided to group it into three portions:

1) Map - This is where the user can see where they are currently and can click on a station to get information on it.

2) T Stations - This flow is two-fold. They can choose the List view or the path view. The list view will have all the Green Line Stations like they are phone contacts. The Path view gives more of a visual to the user.

When they click a station, they will get information about that specific station. Like when the next Inbound train is coming and when the next Outbound train is coming. What are the closest attractions as well. You can also get to this screen by clicking on a station on the Map part of the app.

3) Attractions - This is pretty similar to the T Stations portions. But instead each attraction has it's own page. It's organized in a similar way too. The list view is the first screen you see and you can filter from Restaurants, Parks/Nature and/or Landmarks.

When a user clicks on Boston Public Library for instance, they'll get information from the Closest T Station, the Address and Yelp Rating. With a Yelp review and a map as well.

Next Steps

In terms of next steps, I'd like to learn code and I feel like this is a good project to learn that in.

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