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December 2019 - January 2020

In this design prompt, Fandango, the online movie ticket platform, is thinking about letting their users pre-order concessions when ordering movie tickets.


Team/What I Did

I worked with 3 other people at General Assembly. I interviewed users, came up with some of the design, created the user flows and app map. I gave design advice throughout the process.

User Interviews


The questions we asked were:

1) Describe the steps you take from the moment you decide to watch a movie to sitting in the theater.

2) Is there anything you think could be enhanced from an app that would benefit your movie-going experience?

3) What is the most enjoyable part about your movie theater experience?


4) What is the least enjoyable part about your movie theater experience?

5) Is there anything you would change about your movie app experience?

Affinity Map

Affinity Fandango0.png

Proto - Persona



Competitive Review

Through the competitive review, we found that Fandango does a lot of the things that their competitors do. However, they don't have the feature of pre-ordering food. We also noticed a lot of the competitors had digital tickets with the option to pre-order food ahead and we decided to incorporate that as an added feature.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 3.06.01 PM.png

Problem Statement

Moviegoers want features that assist with planning ahead, such as reserving seats and ordering food.

Solution Statement

By adding features to the Fandango app that assists with planning ahead, such as pre-ordering concessions, users will have a more convenient experience going to the movies.




App Map

The app map is used to explain where the user would go to pre-order concessions and to receive digital tickets through a QR code. We added these two new features based on the user research that a lot of people want to plan before they go to the movies.

App Map0.png

User Flow

Our new flow shows how you order concessions and view your QR tickets once you check-out. This also takes into account the option to not do those two actions.



Fangango Flow.gif

Next Steps

We focused purely on adding the pre-ordering concessions feature during our research phase. But I wonder if there are other features that could be added that would improve the movie-going experience like adding a review component to it, similar to the way Uber does it.

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