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Germ Network

April 2020 - Current

Germ Network makes building community safe, fun, and secure through our intuitive and innovative technology. Our mission is to build and manage digital tools that help people communicate in healthy ways.


What Is Germ?

Paragraph explaining Germ

What I Did

I did everything so far. The user interviews, the climate trivia questions I'm asking and the prototyping.

User Interviews

The user interviews were used to get a sense of what their feelings are around climate change and what they've been doing so far to get to the point. At the end of the survey, I asked if people wanted to be user interviewed and to give me their email to schedule. So of the 25 participants, 9 had indicated they were interested. I then emailed those 9 people and 5 had responded back with their available times. 

Problem Statement

The purpose of Germ is to help people communicate in healthy ways,

Solution Statement

This is achieved by prioritizing transparency, privacy, user control, accessibility, and empathy in Germ's products, services, governance and partnerships. 



Next Steps

As you can tell this is still a work in progress. There are three things I'd need to get done in order to be 

I am looking for graphic designers (to help with infographics), environmental experts (to help with questions) and UX Researchers (since I want to do more user interviews).

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